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Projects: Novel Cameras

Spinning Omnidirectional Stereo Camera

Wide-FOV Monocentric LF Camera

  • 138° 72 Mpix LF panoramas through a single, spherical lens
  • Spherical parameterization compatible with planar light fields
  • World's first single-lens wide-FOV LF camera

Mirrored light field video camera adapter

  • 3D printed base + laser-cut acrylic mirrors
  • Creates a virtual array of cameras that measures a light field
  • Optimization scheme finds best mirror array for a specific application
  • D. Tsai, D. G. Dansereau, S. Martin, and P. Corke, “Mirrored light field video camera adapter,” Queensland University of Technology, Dec. 2016. Available here.

Exploiting parallax in panoramic capture to construct light fields

  • We show that parallax, usually considered a nuisance, can be exploited to build light fields
  • We turn an Ocular Robotics camera pointing system into an adaptive light field camera
  • We demonstrate light field capture, refocusing and low-light image enhancement
  • Best paper award, ACRA 2014
  • D. G. Dansereau, D. Wood, S. Montabone, and S. B. Williams, “Exploiting parallax in panoramic capture to construct light fields,” in Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation (ACRA), 2014. Available here.